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Deladi Petroleum Services Sdn Bhd is a Bruneian Bumiputra company based in Kuala Belait, Brunei Darussalam, and part of the ADININ Group of Companies. Deladi was incorporated in 1985 and to-date has around 40 employees.

Deladi has been involved in the provision of specialized equipment, products and services to the Oil and Gas industry in Brunei mainly for Brunei Shell Petroleum and TOTAL E&P Borneo B.V.

Deladi's current representations in Brunei are as follows:

Manufacturer of gas turbine-driven compressor sets and generator sets for Oil/Gas and General Industrial applications.

The services include Engineering, Field Services, Commissioning and Maintenance of Plant. Deladi supplements the services by providing in-house technical competencies including Project Management, installation and support crew for retrofit and refurbishment projects.

2. Delcom Oilfields
Provision of Wireline, Completion and Slick line logging operations to the Oil/Gas industry.
3. Single Buoy Moorings Inc
Provision of Catenary Anchored Leg Mooring(CALM), Floating Storage and Offloading Systems(FSO's), Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Systems(FPSO's), Tensional Legged Platform(TLP), Mobile Offshore Production Unit(MOPU), Offshore installation and maintenance including provision of spares and overhaul.
4. Omega Data Services Ltd
Specalist in Design, Manufacture & supply of Run-it-Yourself" downhole memory tools.
5. Michell Instruments Ltd
Manufacturer of Analysers for measuring process Dew point, water content in process gases, Hydrogen in Liquid hydrocarbon, process Humidity, process hydrocarbon, process moisture and process Oxygen content.
6. Corpro
Provision of coring services and associated equipments to the Oil/Gas industry.
7. ShengLi Highland Petroleum Equipment Co. Ltd

Manufacturer (API standards) of drilling and production equipment such as OCTG pipes, Casing & Tubing, drill pipes, Continuous Sucker Rods, Sucker Rod pumps, Mud Pumps, conventional pumping unit, Surface Drive or Downhole Progressive Cavity Pumps as well as oilfield services(Onshore Drilling Rigs & Hoists).

8. Hotwell Ges.m.b.H
Manufacturer of logging tools and equipment. Develops petrophysical software for Oil and Gas industry application.
9. Binning Oil tools S.A
Manufacturer of Gas Lift and water flood Equipment. The products include Side Pocket mandrels, water flood regulators, Plungers, Gas lift Valves and Surface Equipment.
10. LS Cables
Cables manufacturer for various application namely Power Transmission & Distribution, Wind Power, Railway & Rolling Stock, Marine & Offshore, Autmotive, Defense and Telecommunication.
11. WFS Technologies
World leading supplier of through-water and through-ground Wireless Radio Frequency Technology for Communication, Navigation and Power Transfer. Applicable to Oil and Gas Industry, Environment and Homeland Security & Defense.
12. Asel-Tech Technology and Automation
Manufacturer of Integrated Pipeline Leak Detection and Location system and Pipeline Anchors
13. Pipeway International
Manufacturer of Pipeline Inspection, Pigging Products and Services.
14. Hammelmann Corp.
Manufacturer of Ultra High Pressure Pump, Process Plunger Pump and Injection Pump products and Services.
15. NPS Corporation
Manufacturer of onshore Oil Spill Technology products such as booms, Sorbents, Adsorbents, Spill Kits, Specialty Spill Control and Wipes.
16. Markleen Terra
Manufacturer of offshore Oil Spill Technology products and services such as containment booms, Skimmers, Power Packs, Temporary Oil Storage Tanks and Sorbents.
17. BOTIL Oil Tools India Private Limited
Manufacturer of complete range of Downhole Drilling & Production equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry comprising Bridge Plugs, Cement Retainers, Hydraulic/Mechanical Set/ Rotating Liner Hangers with Pack Off, PDC Drillable Float Collars, Shoes with Conventional and Non-Rotating Top & Bottom Plugs, Milling & Retrievable Seal Bore/ERD Packers & Accessories, Flow Control Equipment and Gas Lift Valves.
18. Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd
Jindall Drilling Industries Ltd (JDIL), is a D.P. Jindal Group Company, providing a spectrum of quality services such as offshore Drilling Rigs & Drilling services, Directional & Horizontal Drilling Services, Mud Logging Services etc. to the Oil & Gas industry.

Deladi's core services are in the provision of technical and project personnel for onshore and offshore retrofits. The services include:

  • Planning, Procurement & Logistics
  • Project Management
  • Installation, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning
  • Technical and Engineering Support

Most of our technical personnel have more than 15 years of Oil and Gas field experience.

For further information please contact:
Ground Floor, Unit No 5C, Block C, Bangunan MJJR, Jalan Jaya Negara,
Kuala Belait KA 1931, Negara Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: 673 3 331188/337610/347375, Fax: 673 3 331576


AH was incorporated in 1986 and provides a wide range of industrial and general hardware supplies.

It maintains exclusive distributorship in Brunei Darussalam of the following products from overseas companies, such as:-
1. building and construction materials
2. chemical products
3. mechanical and engine parts
4. safety apparel and equipment
5. marine products (onshore/offshore)
6. pneumatic/electrical tools and products
7. small tools for general purposes
The companies represented, to name a few, are:
Shield International Ltd (UK) » Safety apparel
Fuji (Japan) » Air tools
Uvex (Germany) » Eye Protection
Kobelco (Japan) » Welding Electrodes
Hilti International » Specialised tools
American Packing Industries (Philippines) » Industrial Sealings/Chemical Products & Equipment
June - 2006
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of pipeline from Seria to Kuala Belait. Project value B$ 4.5 M.
March - 2006
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of Water Treatment Plant at Sungai Liang area. Project value B$ 68M.
February - 2006
  Contract awarded by MINDEF (Ministry of Defense) for Periodic Redecoration of army camp in Tutong area. Project value B$739,000.
January - 2006
  Contract awarded by BSP (Brunei Shell Petroleum) for civil and foundation work on Tank 5, Tank 33 & 34. Project value B$2M.
January - 2006
  Contract awarded by BLNG (Brunei Liquefied Natural Gas) for Integrated Contract comprising of maintenance and shutdown work. Project value B$4.5M.
September - 2005
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of treated water storage reservoir and pipeline at Sungai Liang area. Project value B$ 14.8M.
August - 2005
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of Dam at Panchor Muria area.
December - 2003
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of sewerage treatment plant in Gadong area. Project value B$6.4M.

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