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Adinin Group of Companies (AG) commenced with a single fledgling company in mid 1982 which was solely a Trading company under the leadership of its founder and current group Chairman Hj Adnin Bin Pehin Dato Hj Ibrahim. The Trading Company was initially involved in the supply of paint and later on diversified its product portfolio by increasing its vendor list in accordance with the growth of the country.

Hj Musa Bin Hj Adnin, the present Managing Director of Adinin Group of Companies, current Honorary Consul of Mexico in Brunei Darussalam joined his father's trading company as a young and aspiring business executive immediately after graduation. Together they incorporated several sister concerns which consolidate the Group. AG caters to various business needs and is diversified in their service profile and product offering which aid in supplementing and supporting each other, ensuring a diversified and broad outreach in the local business scenario.

AG’s overall success was achieved when the Brunei Government and Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) implemented their "Local Business Development Framework program", which was necessary to increase the competency level of local business firms in the country. This development program has been beneficiary to AG and has aided in gathering technical know-how and expertise from BSP in the Oil & Gas Sector and the Government in the civil construction sector. The program as envisaged by BSP and the Government was a major contributing factor to AG's prolific success and continues the tradition of providing quality through Effective Management.

AG has diversified in its business offering and provides the following range of services e.g. Civil (Major),Fabrication (Major), Electrical & Instrumentation, Manufacturing, Interior Design, Information Technology, Travel Agencies, Manpower supply etc.


"In the fast and ever-changing world of the 21st century, there is something reassuring about a family business and the values it signifies … togetherness, loyalty, trust, consolidation, confidence and, just as importantly, the independence of knowing those strong bonds will never be broken.

That is why, as Chairman, I am proud to say that Adinin Group of Companies is a family — like no other. We stand as perhaps one of the largest and most successful, privately owned firms in Brunei Darussalam. The diversity of our services ranges from manufacturing, construction and fabrication to trading, training, interior design and information technology.

We continue to build partnerships through negotiation, partnering and cementing very strong relationships.
I am intensely proud of all we have achieved at Adinin Group and the standing we hold throughout the entire construction and fabrication sectors. It is that pride, echoed throughout the family of companies and the staff that ensures peace of mind for our clients and satisfaction that a partnership with Adinin Group is a partnership to last."


"Adinin Group of Companies is committed in building projects of superior quality and value by providing services with integrity, using the innovation of skilled people to achieve client satisfaction!" Our highly participatory management team, years of experience, financial integrity and strong relationships with local consultants and subcontractors allows Adinin to provide outstanding service to our clients.

We are proud to have grown as a local company, thriving over twenty-five years by aggressively pursuing the most interesting and challenging construction projects - large and small - and by guaranteeing results where others would back away.

The people who work here truly trust each other and believe in very open and mutual accountability."

The Groups Motto:
Acknowledge, understand and exceed our customer's needs of quality, value for money, products and services.
Develop the knowledge, skills, creativity and potential of all employees and enhance teamwork and involvement in the work
Instigate and attain best health, safety & environmental standards in the Industry.
Nurture and achieve profitable growth and an attractive return on capital investment
Induce maximum Bruneianisation content in the business as part of the Bruneian development and training plan
Nourish international presence for expansion and growth
Management Foresight:
Survivability depends on ability to compete locally by adopting the best in World Standards
The need to focus and develop specialization and be the best in chosen field.
Development of multiple competencies while retaining focus
Development of intellectual properties (designs, copyrights, trademarks, etc).
June - 2006
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of pipeline from Seria to Kuala Belait. Project value B$ 4.5 M.
March - 2006
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of Water Treatment Plant at Sungai Liang area. Project value B$ 68M.
February - 2006
  Contract awarded by MINDEF (Ministry of Defense) for Periodic Redecoration of army camp in Tutong area. Project value B$739,000.
January - 2006
  Contract awarded by BSP (Brunei Shell Petroleum) for civil and foundation work on Tank 5, Tank 33 & 34. Project value B$2M.
January - 2006
  Contract awarded by BLNG (Brunei Liquefied Natural Gas) for Integrated Contract comprising of maintenance and shutdown work. Project value B$4.5M.
September - 2005
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of treated water storage reservoir and pipeline at Sungai Liang area. Project value B$ 14.8M.
August - 2005
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of Dam at Panchor Muria area.
December - 2003
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of sewerage treatment plant in Gadong area. Project value B$6.4M.

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ADININ Group Of Company :: Moving Forward With The Nation
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