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Automac Multiresources Sdn Bhd (AMSB) is a bumiputra company, acquired in 1983 with a humble beginning of providing blasting and painting services in the Oil and Gas industry. Through years of collaborative business development efforts, the business had expanded its business service activities. Currently, the following are the company’s principal activities:

  • Provision of specialist resource services to both the oil and gas and non-oil and gas industries (such as telecommunications, civil construction and government missions/embassies);
  • Professional resource secondment of technical, professional and clerical personnel;
  • System integration and consultancy for information and communication technology (ICT) systems specifically in Electronic Security Systems (ESS) to government and the private sector.
AMSB has links with all major job recruiting companies around the world and have seconded the following personnel to the following industries:
Oil and Gas:
SAP-HR Consultant
Drilling Supervisors
Completion Engineers
Business Support Staff to the Well Services (Bruneian)
QA/QC Engineers
Wireline/Slickline Operators (Bruneian)
ME&I Engineers
Well Technicians
Application Developers
Logistics Personnel (Bruneian)
Instrumentation/Electrical/Oil Fields Technicians
Wellsite Drilling Engineers
SCM Consultants
Completion Supervisors
Equipment Operators (Wireline, Rig, Coiled Tubing)
N2 Operators
Electronic/Mechanic Technicians
Senior Coiled Tubing Operators
SONDE Technicians
WTS Field Operators
Personnel Administrator
HSE Coaches
Crew Administrator
Computer Operators
Warehouse Assistant
Safety Officer
SCM Assistant
Radio Operators
Accounts Clerical Assistant
Materials Management Lead
Materials Coordinator
Shift Lead
Gantry or Jetty Operators
Materials Coordinator
Chemical Engineer
HR Clerical Assistant
Logistics Supervisors, Logistics Planner
Civil Engineers
Environmental Engineer
Forklift Operators
Safety Administrator
Wireless Engineer
Radio Frequency Engineer
Software Engineer
Datacom Engineer
PS Engineer
Core Network Engineer
CS Engineer
HR Assistant
Product Engineer
Document Controller
Project Manager
Back Office Engineer
Supply Chain Representative
Reporting Engineer
Pre-Sales Solution Manager
Project Coordinators
AMSB also provides products and services in Electronic Security Systems (ESS) including but not limited to security consultancy, design, supply and installation for:
Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV's)
Access Control Systems
Alarm Systems
Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems
Audio Warning Systems
Intruder deterrent Installations (i.e. Road Blockers)
Commercial and Industrial Display Monitors
RFID Door Locks, and Enterprise Wifi Solutions
Commercial and Industrial audio, video, data and Ethernet Communications Products(Fiber Optic, Wireless and Copper Media)
June - 2006
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of pipeline from Seria to Kuala Belait. Project value B$ 4.5 M.
March - 2006
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of Water Treatment Plant at Sungai Liang area. Project value B$ 68M.
February - 2006
  Contract awarded by MINDEF (Ministry of Defense) for Periodic Redecoration of army camp in Tutong area. Project value B$739,000.
January - 2006
  Contract awarded by BSP (Brunei Shell Petroleum) for civil and foundation work on Tank 5, Tank 33 & 34. Project value B$2M.
January - 2006
  Contract awarded by BLNG (Brunei Liquefied Natural Gas) for Integrated Contract comprising of maintenance and shutdown work. Project value B$4.5M.
September - 2005
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of treated water storage reservoir and pipeline at Sungai Liang area. Project value B$ 14.8M.
August - 2005
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of Dam at Panchor Muria area.
December - 2003
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of sewerage treatment plant in Gadong area. Project value B$6.4M.

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