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Manufacturing of pre-cast concrete products/ specialised garments Trading (Equipment/ Material of specialised nature)
Major & Minor civil construction, maintenance (specialised in construction of sea dykes, water treatment plants and other turnkey projects) Interior design and renovation
Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation works (Oil & Gas, Public Sector) Management, Training and HSE training and consulting
Provision of specialised Oil & Gas related equipments, products and services Provision of Industrial, general hardware supplies and personal protective equipment
Ticketing and travel services (accredited to IATA) Professional resource secondment of technical and professional personnel
Environmental services, studies, waste management and treatment

Adinin Group of Companies (AG) provides mechanical and electrical engineering & instrumentation services and Supplies to the Oil and Gas Industry through its subsidiary companies, which include major maintenance services and construction work including engineering, procurement and construction (EPC projects). The group has its own Health, Safety and Environment Department (HSED), Quality Assurance/Quality Control Department (QA/QC Dept), and Procurement Department to handle major projects.

AG's abilities cover mechanical engineering services, fabrication of jacket & module, fabrication and erection of piping (all types), fabrication and erection of structural steel work, blasting/painting, scaffolding, insulations, stationary equipment maintenance and overhaul, pipe laying (underground & aboveground), heavy equipment installation, engraving, electrical and instrumentation services and supply of qualified personnel (all disciplines).

Apart from the above AG supplies the following:

Manufacturer of gas turbines and compressors for the Oil and Gas and General Industrial applications. Provides engineering support services including installation, commissioning and maintenance of plant. Specialists in rotating,reciprocating equipment maintenance and provision of training in related fields.
2. Ceca (France)
Manufacturer of production chemicals for the Oil & Gas sector and other Industrial applications.
Design and manufacture of Cementing equipment e.g Centralizers, Stop Collars and accessories for Oil and Gas application
4. Corpro (UK)
Coring service provider for oilfield companies.
Provides specialised Chemicals for the Oil and Gas ind.
Provides wireline, completion services and slick line logging operations for Oil and Gas industry
7. Zellweger Analytics Limited (U.K) - Gas Detection Systems
Seiger (Fixed Type Gas Detectors)
Neotronics ( Portable Type Gas Detectors)
8. ABB Automation (SINGAPORE)
Process Instrumentation (Flowmeter, thermocouple, Pressure transmitters etc.)
Process Analyser
Gas Chromatographs
DCS & SCADA System
9. Asia Airblast PTE LTD (SINGAPORE)
Clemco & Airblast Blasting Equipment & Spares
Graco Spray Painting Equipment & Spares
Semperit : Full range of high pressure hose
Elcometer & Elektro-Physik – Measuring & Testing Instruments
Blasting Abrasives - Copper slag, Steel Shots, Steel Grit, Glass Beads.
10. Drallim Industries Ltd. UK.
Rotary Switch Valve
Smart Valve Monitoring System (SVM) for Emergency Shut Down Valves
11. Haven Automation Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Well Head Control Panel
Pressure Relief Valves
June - 2006
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of pipeline from Seria to Kuala Belait. Project value B$ 4.5 M.
March - 2006
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of Water Treatment Plant at Sungai Liang area. Project value B$ 68M.
February - 2006
  Contract awarded by MINDEF (Ministry of Defense) for Periodic Redecoration of army camp in Tutong area. Project value B$739,000.
January - 2006
  Contract awarded by BSP (Brunei Shell Petroleum) for civil and foundation work on Tank 5, Tank 33 & 34. Project value B$2M.
January - 2006
  Contract awarded by BLNG (Brunei Liquefied Natural Gas) for Integrated Contract comprising of maintenance and shutdown work. Project value B$4.5M.
September - 2005
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of treated water storage reservoir and pipeline at Sungai Liang area. Project value B$ 14.8M.
August - 2005
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of Dam at Panchor Muria area.
December - 2003
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of sewerage treatment plant in Gadong area. Project value B$6.4M.

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