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Manufacturing of pre-cast concrete products/ specialised garments Trading (Equipment/ Material of specialised nature)
Major & Minor civil construction, maintenance (specialised in construction of sea dykes, water treatment plants and other turnkey projects) Interior design and renovation
Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation works (Oil & Gas, Public Sector) Management, Training and HSE training and consulting
Provision of specialised Oil & Gas related equipments, products and services Provision of Industrial, general hardware supplies and personal protective equipment
Ticketing and travel services (accredited to IATA) Professional resource secondment of technical and professional personnel
Environmental services, studies, waste management and treatment

Information Technology is an emerging business sector in Brunei Darussalam. LEAdSoft is a company under the umbrella of Adinin Group of Companies which in its own right is an emerging tech savvy IT firm. Some of the strengths that LeadSoft offers are: SAP FI CO, SD, HR, MM, QM, BW, SEM, CRM, BASIS, NETWEAVER, ABAP, BADI / ALE / IDOC development, SAP workflow, BPM, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Siebel Applications, BI & Data Warehousing Services ware House -- Datastage PX/TX/ Quality Stage, Informatica, Business objects, Business objects data integrator (BODI),Microsoft Products, FIleNet, Livelink.

LEAdSoft provides dynamic solutions to acquire, manage, personalize and present information. Our vision, technology and expertise enable customers to optimize their business relationships. Our heritage is helping our customers gain business advantage through more effective use of their IT resources. We continue this trend by ensuring that our customers can confidently utilize new technology and application services to fundamentally change their business models using our vast knowledge of Data Marting and Data warehousing solutions.
LEAdSoft has support professionals for varied tools and services essential for industrial and domain needs.
SAP Services

Every fast growing enterprise requires the expertise of a quality enterprise and e-business solutions provider. LEAdSoft offers value proposition when it comes to seamlessly implementing, integrating, extending and supporting solutions built and deployed around SAP.

Our IT Resource Center helps enable the efficient and cost-effective integration of diverse and globally dispersed enterprise-computing systems increasing productivity and return on investment enabling focus on strategic business objectives by providing training and learning modules to supplement software solutions that are implemented.

We do not have to write software from scratch. Using the Business Warehouse (BW)*natural extract software we can eliminate the need to laboriously develop and debug code that has a limited lifetime. Our BW*(Business Warehouse) natural extract software automatically writes optimized ABAP/Oracle code using tested, proven algorithms tailored to your needs.


Acqurat Sdn Bhd is a 100% local owned company. The business' primary focuses are in Digital Asset Management, Application System Digital Content Development and Picture Archiving and Media Communications Systems.

By assembling a team of the best IT professionals available, forming strategic alliances with leading technology companies, and by using proven methodologies, we will deliver the best IT solutions possible.


Acqur8 long-term approach to research & development, combined with our constant efforts to anticipate customer needs, improve quality and reduce costs will enable us to deliver the best products and technologies. At Acqur8 we are committed to actively helping the Government and the local companies to focus on their core business-serving clients by effectively aligning technology and consulting resources with clients' dynamic business requirements.

It is our intention to support our clients with timely trends, selected informational sources and supporting services. Acqur8 seeks to become technology partners with businesses to provide premium IT services. We execute strategic objectives by taking the time to listen and learn.

We accurately reflect your business vision through IT implementations. Designing, developing and delivering solid solutions has become our vision. We continue with the same methodology to allow our customers to achieve their strategic IT goals.

Acqur8 Consortium's member will assist to improve overall performance and efficiencies of a business unit by streamlining the technology infrastructure that supports the unit in line with business goals.

Our products:
June - 2006
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of pipeline from Seria to Kuala Belait. Project value B$ 4.5 M.
March - 2006
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of Water Treatment Plant at Sungai Liang area. Project value B$ 68M.
February - 2006
  Contract awarded by MINDEF (Ministry of Defense) for Periodic Redecoration of army camp in Tutong area. Project value B$739,000.
January - 2006
  Contract awarded by BSP (Brunei Shell Petroleum) for civil and foundation work on Tank 5, Tank 33 & 34. Project value B$2M.
January - 2006
  Contract awarded by BLNG (Brunei Liquefied Natural Gas) for Integrated Contract comprising of maintenance and shutdown work. Project value B$4.5M.
September - 2005
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of treated water storage reservoir and pipeline at Sungai Liang area. Project value B$ 14.8M.
August - 2005
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of Dam at Panchor Muria area.
December - 2003
  Contract awarded by JKR (Public Works Department in Brunei) for construction of sewerage treatment plant in Gadong area. Project value B$6.4M.

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